OS Kantine / Printing Food

An OS Kantine event with FabLab Budapest around the subject of printing food

Printing Food 1. from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.

OS Kantine organized a discussion with FabLab Budapest on Printing Food with Ákos Maróy, Márton András Juhász, Eduárd Sík, Heni Fiáth, Attila Nemes and Berci the dog.

We talked about the sci-fi examples of food preparation and the possible domestication of industrial food processing. Being able to use a food printer at home would be very similar to microwave technologies and other widespread kitchen technologies eg. home bakery machines. Being able to program a printer using various ingredients to cook up something by adding taste, color, or any kind of cultural knowledge eg. local specialties would fasten food preparation of everyday life. Instead of ordering something takes 50 minutes imagine to send a code to a printer on your kitchen board and get your dish ready in 10 minutes or less. Although food industries using these technologies from genetic engineering to all kinds of processing we still look at food printing as sci-fi. You can see the videos in Hungarian – Printing Food 1. and 2. is the discussion, Printing Food 3. is a cheese triangle printing test with a Fab at Home 3D printer.

Printing Food 2. from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.

Printing Food 3. (printing the cheese) from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.