OS Kantine / Printing Food Again

The 2nd OS Kantine event with FabLab Budapest around the subject of printing food

Printing Food Again 1. from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.

OS Kantine organized a second discussion with FabLab Budapest on Printing Food with Ákos Maróy, Márton András Juhász, Eduárd Sík, Heni Fiáth, Attila Nemes and this time Nina Czegledy has also joined. Following our previous discussion (see below) where we talked about the sci-fi examples of food preparation and the possible domestication of industrial food processing, this time we focused on fictions and realities of contemporary food production theories eg. urban farming, green revolution, home farming projects from Philips Design, happy tomatoes and more. Our discussion was balancing between the needs of the growing human population of Planet Earth and the desires of the sophisticated consumer for home made, organic, happy vegetables and low food miles.
Printing Food with OS Kantine continues with a culinary session soon …

Printing Food Again 2. from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.

Printing Food Again 3. from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.

Printing Food Again 4. from Fiction Lab on Vimeo.