NEWS!!! MAPPA is out. Please help us filling some info about your lab:

Our aim is to create an interactive on-line map (searchable database), in order to gain specific information related to art and science and technology (social) and global DIY culture. The reason we need such a map (database) is to share knowledge, assist with collaborations, and support the worldwide network.

Functions served
. institutions / skills become available / easy access
. assist projects to get connected / connectivity
. network opportunity / possible hub to share knowledge
. sharing knowledge / work, policy, finance, communication, etc
. stronger representation of the lab cloud

Information to be collected and shared
. type of activity
. mission
. profit/non-profit level

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financial background / public, private, else (e.g. mix)
. policy (operation, recruitment, management methods, etc.)
. integration / segregation level (in relation to the global network)
. spaces / fix, mobile, rented, owned, etc
. number of employees / participants
. gender distribution of employees % m/f
. age range of participants
. audiences / on-site / virtual
. location (global location and location within the city)

All information

and data collected in MAPPA is open to anyone, anytime. Register, learn and get connected.

MAPPA is a collaborative project of Fiction Lab, DDiMIT and Kitchen Budapest.
Attila Nemes
Nina Czegledy
Christine Malina Maxwell
Adriana Leraci
Marie-Eve Belanger
Dávid Dul
Balint Ferenczi
Olof Adell (518 media)
Benny Mårtensson (Gregory)
Zsombor Paróczi

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