Habakukk expert meeting@OSKantine


Habakkuk is a research project initiated by V2_ in 2013. It researches and re-enacts the improbable but true historical top secret project ‘Habakkuk’. The initial inspiration for this programme of research was a top secret experiment conducted during World War II, involving the proposed use of a special form of ice to build an aircraft carrier for the Allies.

More about the project: v2.nl/lab/projects/habakuk

Aim of the Budapest meeting:
The programme is being developed by V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and OS Kantine (Budapest). The aim of the meeting is to gather experts together from a range of backgrounds including art, design, science, and history to discuss the following questions:

  • How is innovation accelerated in extreme scenarios (war, natural disaster, etc)?
  • What happens when science and technology interact with creativity and design thinking in such a context?
  • What methods are most effective to break “innovation stagnation”, and how can constraints on creativity stimulate the best outcome?
  • What examples from history or our current time depict this kind of creative problem-solving under pressure?

The results of the expert meeting will become part of a larger programme of research and form part of a series of expert meetings around the globe taking place in 2013. The outputs from the meetings (notes, interviews, etc) will be released as part of a publication and series of documentary shorts.

Initiators and organizers:
Michelle Kasprzak, Boris Debackere, V2
Eszter Bircsák, Melinda Sipos, Attila Nemes, OS Kantine

Melinda Bozsó, Szövetség ’39 – artist and designer
Márton Elek – designer
András Földes – journalist
Antal Lakner – artist
Samu Szemerey – architect

When and where:
June 5-6, 2013 at OS Kantine (1065 Budapest Weiner Leó utca 5)