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Fiction Lab is about collecting theories, facts and narratives on media labs. Our aim is to gather and analyze a broad range of knowledge related to the wide variety of these labs. Working in labs we experience various strategies, structures, different ways of creating projects and collaborations. Extensive compilations of texts, interviews, blogs and publications exist on the operation and the production of media labs. We thought it would be helpful to build a database of these texts and also to find new ways of collecting information. Labster is our first project aiming to collect personal narratives of labs, mapping stories related by people on work, collaborations, lab visits. By organizing storytelling and writing workshops we hope to receive a collection of narratives, and at the same time offer a personalized approach to the ‘media lab phenomena’.

Attila Nemes is an independent curator based in Budapest. He is one of the funding members of the Kitchen Budapest Medialab and currently works as a Program Advisor for the organization. Fiction Lab was recently initiated by Nemes and within this framework he collaborates on the Labster project with Catherine Lenoble, curator and writer (France), focusing on the theories and models of media labs.

Nemes has studied at ELTE, Budapest and the University of California, Berkeley, US. He is a lecturer at several universities, while he is working on his PhD at the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies (ELTE).

Nina Czegledy of DDiMIT, University of Toronto, is an International Research Fellow at the Fiction Lab.

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