OS Kantine


OS KANTINE goes physical! We are opening our new physical space in downtown Budapest this month. If you are around please visit us @ Weiner Leó utca 5.

Click here for a map!

Build your ecosystems!

The aim of OS KANTINE is to help people build easy-to-apply ecosystems for sharing knowledge and food. OS KANTINE provides the opportunity to register for its events by offering to share food/knowledge. Participation is open to anyone who can offer and would like to receive: e.g. offering some ingredients and a recipe in exchange for particular knowledge e.g. how to use an online application successfully.

OS KANTINE offers to organize such exchange events: when people gather in a kitchen, around a table and cook dinner while sharing knowledge on preset topics.

Up until the 20th century people in many places were not able to eat fresh corn, so methods of preservation or drying needed to be developed. They needed to dry corn in order to store it and then grind it by hand when necessary. Grinding corn was one of the adaptive strategies that people used to protect themselves from starvation. Grinding was also a social event where people shared information, learned from each other (songs or other ‘easy to share by words’ knowledge). OS KANTINE is aimed at developping such low-cost ecosystems in order to develop ways of sharing without money.

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